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Zizia. (20-March 2023). Genera [DL, MC]. Zizia.

Band. Genus (Family, Description) [36:00]

  1. Honeyania (Erebidae, Insects)
  2. Jepsonia (Saxifragaceae: Dicots)
  3. Pisaura (Pisauridae, Arachnids)
  4. Tsunogaipagurus (Parapaguridae, Crustaceans)
  5. Vicia (Fabaceae, Dicots)
  6. Formania (Asteraceae, Dicots)
  7. Taenidia (Apiaceae, Dicots)
  8. Grubbia (Grubbiaceae, Dicots)
  9. Charaxes (Nymphalidae, Insects)
  10. Erica (Ericaceae, Dicots)
  11. Meehania (Lamiaceae, Dicots)
  12. Ketupa (Strigidae, Birds)
  13. Ericameria (Asteraceae, Dicots)
  14. Burkea (Fabaceae, Dicots)
  15. Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae, Dicots)
  16. Davispia (Cicadidae, Insects)
  17. Jonesiobryum (Rhachitheciaceae, Mosses)
  18. Robinia (Fabaceae, Dicots)
  19. Coulterella (Asteraceae, Dicots)
  20. Matteuccia (Onocleaceae, Ferns)
  21. Wedelia (Asteraceae, Dicots)
  22. Chrysopsis (Asteraceae, Dicots)
  23. Daucus (Apiaceae, Dicots)
  24. Leersia (Poaceae, Monocots)
  25. Bachia (Gymnophthalmidae, Reptiles)
  26. Greta (Nymphalidae, Insects)
  27. Strongylodon (Fabaceae, Dicots)
  28. Triodanis (Campanulaceae, Dicots)
  29. Rayjacksonia (Asteraceae, Dicots)
  30. Andropogon (Poaceae, Monocots)
  31. Ryania (Salicaceae, Dicots)
  32. Kerria (Rosaceae, Dicots)
  33. Stevensius (Carabidae, Insects)
  34. Rachana (Lycaenidae, Insects)
  35. Martynia (Martyniaceae, Dicots)
  36. Danis (Lycaenidae, Insects)


Genera are taxa ranked below families and above species. Zizia (Alexanders) is a genus of flowering plants in the carrot family with three species native to North America: Z. aptera (Heart Leaf), Z. aurea (Golden), and Z. trifoliata (Meadow). Zizia benefits the health of soils, insects, birds, and humans with foods and medicines.

Zizia is a band formed by Amber Wolfe and Jarrod Fowler in Massachusetts during 2018. Wolfe was in the post-apocalyptic Americana band O You Villain and Fowler was in the ecological horror duo Species pluralis. Zizia creates experimental music inspired by biodynamics to collaborate with nature.

Zizia was named with poetry and word play in mind: Genus/Species pluralis, golden/Amber, carrot/Jarrod, Alexanders/parents ... Zizia grew new genera and families, including Achillea and Asclepias. Pisaura (feat. Michael Pisaro-Liu) evolved around Los Angeles and Asteraceae was published by Sedimental Records in 2020.

Genus means birth, clan, produce, or origin. Forty musicians shared birth info and sounds. Genera gathers 36 bands: 34 trios plus two quartets (feat. Charalambides and nmperign). Aster Trek: The Next Genera; Compound Eye/I; Cosmic Community Garden; Selected Ambisonic Works; Worldwide Nursery Web; Zizia Park Zoo ...

Thirty-six composite scores were charted and sequenced by date with MuseScore. Scores were tuned with planetary scales, played with seashore sounds, programmed as drum kits, and performed with Ηπ TBX2 and preenfm3. Sounds were compiled with Audacity, tuned to triads, and performed with a Bastl Instruments microGranny.

Audio was combined with bee buzzers, field recordings, monophonic synths, planetary tuning forks, tape loops, and voltage controlled acoustic instruments and processed with analog and digital effects. Recordings were made with a RØDE SoundField NT-SF1 Ambisonic Microphone, two Sanken CO-100Ks, and a Zoom F6 Field Recorder.





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