Zizia. (21-XII-2019). Umbelliferae. Zizia.

Tracklist [60:00]

  1. Moon Taurus 4° 1st [60:00]


Zizia performed 24 concerts across the United States from September 2018 to October 2019. We practiced astrology, ecology, and musicology in concert. Zizia interacted with nature and subnature to explore supernature.

Local astrology determined our tunings and melodies. During the first 12 concerts, melodies emerged from a 5:7 polyrhythm (Figure 1). During the last 12 concerts, melodies were composed from local astrological charts (Figure 2).

Local ecology determined our percussion instruments. We sustainably sourced plants and natural objects from the environments surrounding each venue. Zizia buzzed, rasped, rubbed, scraped, or tapped with rudiments (Figure 3).

Zizia rolled 42 pounds of seed bombs comprised of 12 species of North American native wildflowers for pollinators and other wildlife. We "bombed" during mid-performance in environments surrounding the last 12 venues. Flowers will be percussed by pollinators...

Zizia composed from local astrology and ecology by synergizing cosmic and chthonic rhythms. We collaborated with people and places to symbiotically create transdisciplinary art-science for humans and non-humans alike.





... AW, DR, GK, GK, KD, KK, LT, MK, MP, NK, RC, RF, RS, SH, TU ...


Figure 1. Melody composed from a 5:7 polyrhythm, tunings determined by local apparent astrology.

Figure 2. Score composed from local apparent astrology for 16-October, 2019, Wheeler Concert Hall, Casper College, Casper, WY.

Figure 3. Percussion performed with rudiments, double paradiddle and paradiddle-diddle.