Ambient, Experimental, Non-Music


Zizia composes and performs with environmental recordings, natural objects, and musical instruments. Zizia is Amber Wolfe and Jarrod Fowler. Wolfe composes scores from celestial maps corresponding to each concert. Fowler samples natural sounds and enhances habitats surrounding each concert. Zizia harmonizes cosmic and chthonic musics to create site-specific performances.

Zizia released a self-titled debut on double-cassette in 2018: http://zizia.xyz/zizia.html. Zizia is an 80-minute cycle of four 20-minute tracks. Zizia was composed and produced from 2016-2018, designed by Moé Kamura and Zizia (http://zizia.xyz/z.jpg), and mastered by Taku Unami. Zizia is distributed by hibari music: https://www.hibarimusic.com/store/. A sample track is available online at http://zizia.xyz/root.mp3.

Genres: Animal Sounds, Drone, Electroacoustic, Field Recordings, Indeterminacy, Insect Music, Lowercase, Musique Concrète, Nature Recordings, Noise, Onkyo, Plant Sounds, Reductionism, Sound Art, Tape Music ...

Performances 2019-2018


Zizia (22-September 2018). Zizia [Audio Cassettes & Digital Audio].


... [Air] Transdisciplinarity -- Astrological measures and tunings --- Cardinal, fixed, and mutable patterns --- Zodiacal melodies and harmonies -- Ecological rhythms and instruments --- Communities of rhythmic processes --- Populations of instrumental textures ... [Water] Spatiotemporality -- Spatial tones and textures --- Qualitative astrological signs and ecological organisms --- Quantitative astrological houses and ecological habitats -- Temporal metrics and rhythmics --- Qualitative astrological modes and ecological functions --- Quantitative astrological degrees and ecological coordinates - Emotionality -- Cosmic levity -- Chthonic gravity ... [Earth] Materiality -- Instruments sustainably sourced -- Environments ethically restored -- Field recordings respectfully treated - Methodology -- Amplitudes, durations, and frequencies diversified -- Experiments imagined, inspired, and intuited ... [Fire] (In-)Determinacy -- Creative decisions improvised from materials -- Uncreative decisions determined by sources -- Authority over compositional decisions deconstructed - Transparency -- Composer-Listener dyads suspended -- Concert-Environment differences unified -- Locations, materials, and sources cited -- Acknowledgments provided ...